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If you yearn to get a flat belly in two weeks [url=]Men's Nike Air Max Plus 97 Racer Pink UK[/url] , then you must have some variables dialed in. You can’t cheat on your fat loss plan and you can’t skip on your exercises. You must be absolutely serious due to the fact that you realistically only have fourteen days to hit your goal of getting a flat stomach and lose belly fat. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you have some nice place to go? Certainly a vacation, a reunion, or someplace warm where you need to fit in a bathing suit. Well in reality it does not matter so throw everything you thought you knew regarding dieting [url=]Men's Nike Air Max Plus Classic Grey Red UK[/url] , weight loss, or any other diets you have read about such as the southbeach diet.

Whichever it may be, it is time to get serious. Presently if you thirst to get a flat tummy [url=]Air VaporMax Inneva UK[/url] , then you must go by these guidelines.

Rule #1: You must extremely lower your calories. I would never ever suggest this type of dieting and this way of getting a flat stomach fast, but you don’t have a lot of time. Take out all carbs from the eating plan. What I am talking about is any type of bread, pasta [url=]Air VaporMax 2.0 UK[/url] , muffins, cakes, bagels [url=]Air VaporMax Utility UK[/url] , cookies, chips, potatoes [url=]Air VaporMax Flyknit Moc UK[/url] , fruit, and anything of this nature. All carbs are taken out of the equation and considered evil to you for the next two weeks.

Rule #2: Swallow large amounts of protein. The notion why I want you to consume a lot of protein is cause protein helps you stay satiated. That’s it! It of course has a host of other good benefits such as helping your muscles repair but also another swell thing about protein is it’s certainly thermogenic. This means that your body has to burn X amount of calories just to be able to batter protein down into a smaller form. It is in point of fact thirty percent more thermogenic than carbohydrates or fats. And also as stated before, it keeps you very satiated for long periods of time thus you get less hunger pains and cravings [url=]Air VaporMax Moc UK[/url] , above all at night.

Rule #3: Eat a ton of veggies. This goes hand and hand with rule number 2. Eating a lot of fresh veggies is again going to keep you full for a musch longer period of time. By keeping yourself full there is a small chance of you falling off the wagon and cheating on your diet. Additionally you get a lot of fiber and good phytonutrients from vegetables that help fight diseases such as cancer.

Rule #4: Begin your stomach workouts with some form of planks. Planks are 1 of the best exercises for your tummy. Crunches and sit-ups are way over rated in my belief. You see, your abdominal wall is like an onion and each layer that you go deeper into reveals more muscles with various functions. These are the type of muscles that you really want to be hitting during your workouts due to the fact they are the ones that firm up your tummy and actually pull your belly in. These muscles main action is to act like a girdle, having everything nice [url=]Air VaporMax Flyknit 2.0 UK[/url] , firm and flat. The top muscle for this is the transverse abdominus. It’s the deepest abdominal muscle in your human body and its fundamental responsibility is stabilization in your trunk. This muscle also acts as a brace for your lower back which is great too.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks. You can also go to my blog and learn about how to lose belly fat fast.

MADRID, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- Jonas Van Genechten (IAM Cycling) won the seventh stage of the Vuelta de Espana (Tour of Spain) on a day which only exploded into life on the last 30 kilometers of the day.

From Maceda to Puerto de Sanabria, it was another hilly stage, although not as testing as Thursday's due to lower temperatures.

The start to the day was relatively calm as the peloton looked to save strength ahead of the difficult mountain stages which lie ahead and it was not until the last 30 kilometers that things sprang to life with a series of attacks on the final third category climb, which ended 18 kilometers from the finish line.

A group of five riders, including Luis Sanchez Leon and Simon Clarke was able to open a gap of 40 seconds before the main group reacted and slowly dragged them back.

However Sanchez and Clarke were able to hang on to a narrow lead until the last kilometer to set up an agonizing finish which saw them finally caught with less than 200 meters remaining.

That set up a frantic sprint which was claimed by Jonas Van Genechten to give a valuable win to his team, which will fold at the end of the season.

There was a crash in the final kilometer involving Alberto Contador (Tinkoff), whose bad luck continues, after he was forced to withdraw from the Tour de France through injury. The Spaniard will not lose any time, but rode over the line with cuts and grazes on his leg and shoulder and a possible hand injury

Earlier in the day Rene Taaramae (Katusha) was forced to retire from the race following a collision with a team director' s car which broke his bicycle.

Saturday sees a rare flat stage with a sting in the tale with the first category climb of the race, which takes the riders 181 kilometers from Villapando to Valle de Sabero and a mountain top finish which should have its effect on the general classification.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- If you find yourself traveling in Singapore next year, don't be shocked when you book an Audi taxi with no driver.

Delphi Automotive, an Auto electronics supplier headquartered in the UK, announced on Monday that it is selected by authorities in Singapore to begin public tests of automated taxis next year, hoping to launch a fully automated taxi service in Singapore by 2022. A fleet of six self-driving Audi SQ5s will be deployed in the early tests, covering a total of about 8 km.

Initially, the cars will have drivers in case of emergencies, but the human drivers will be phased out by 2019.

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