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Bryan Driscoll
Submitted 2018-09-07 03:40:23 More and more people are using the internet to buy and sell homes. In 2016 [url=]Jordan Hicks Jersey[/url] , almost 44% of people searched for properties online. With so many people looking for information online, it makes sense to harness the power of SEO to influence sellers to encourage them to sell their home to you. At Think Big Pittsburgh SEO, we have been working with several real estate investors to improve their business and attract targeted customers for many years. Here, we bring to you nine reasons you should choose a real estate SEO expert:

Good SEO Pays for Itself:

PPC or Pay Per Click can bring instant targeted traffic to your website, but these campaigns are similar to key-operated toys. They work only for so long 鈥?when you stop the campaign, you stop getting traffic. That is why PPC is expensive in the long run. But spending money on an SEO campaign is like investing in real assets. You are paying money to generate quality backlinks and good organic traffic. Unlike PPC advertising in which traffic generation is finite, a good real estate SEO expert can help you rank organically long after you have stopped the campaign.

SEO Helps Improve SERP:

Nearly 88% of people planning to buy homes listed websites as the most important source for information. A well-planned SEO campaign can not only list your website but ensure that it ranks well in search rankings as well.

SEO Works 247:

You never know when a prospective seller will be looking for information online. The best thing about using SEO is that you don鈥檛 have to schedule your marketing campaign according to peak season. SEO works all the time 鈥?247, 365 days a year.

SEO Also Helps with Branding:

If you want long-term branding, working on SEO is a must. This is because optimizing your website not only generates leads by also help gain traffic.

SEO Helps Understand Your Business:

Do you know the keywords that people are likely to search when looking for businesses like yours? Who are your competitors and how are they ensuring better search engine rankings? When do clients visit your website the most? What are the pages that they are most likely and least likely to visit? A good real estate SEO expert will develop strategies such as these to help their client rank better. All this information helps experts understand clients better and know what makes their business better than others.

Better & Qualified Traffic:

With strategies such as using long-tailed keywords, handling low bounce rates, etc. you get to reach out to your target audience.

Keyword Research:

If SEO analytics helps you understand your business, keyword research helps you understand your clients.

Integrating Social Media with SEO Helps to Produce Better Results:

Creating social media accounts on various sites not only helps with branding but also adds an important dimension to your SEO strategy. It helps people discover your website and generate more backlinks.

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