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— by double double
Well put, Mr. Chairman. The only error that I see in your post (if you meant it this way) is to say that the mentally ill should be incarcerated.

The reason that the mentally ill are being singled out in this media gun-grabbing debate is because they have no voice in society. The mentally ill are THE most discriminated group of individuals in this nation. In other words the mentally ill are the perfect scapegoats where this issue is concerned.

Which brings us to the next question and this is: what is the definition of "mentally ill"? This is a broad catagory that people need to consider. Someone might see a doctor to be treated for depression and wake up the next morning only to find his right to keep and carry arms no longer exists. This might be the same person that was all for taking away the rights of the mentally ill a few days ago. Remember what goes around goes around. Take away anothers rights and yours will likewise soon be gone also.