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— by Mongobongo Mongobongo
War should have been over 4 years ago as President and Vice President claimed they would do upon election / they lied . Our debt grows at warp speed , but Washington legislators dont care , they ll pass it all on to the working class and its grandchildren , while they , the elitists eat lobster on our dime !! Term limits ; if its good enough for the President , its good enough for the Congress and Senate ! We presently have the most sorry lot of Senators in U.S. history !! The absolute WORST !! Its time to get the geriatric crowd out of here thru the next 3 elections , including THIS ONE . Tax structure : America now has the highest capital gains taxes on our businesses of the industrialized world / recipe for disaster , while D.C. gives tax breaks to those who send our jobs overseas !! D.C. has raped American workers thru George Srs. and the Clinton signed into law NAFTA sending MILLIONS of American jobs everywhere out of our OWN COUNTRY !! Immigration : D.C. wont do ANYTHING serious about this terrible problem , dont buy the " theyre doing all the domestic and plant pickin B.S> that "nobody" else will do , these "TEMPORARY JOB SERVICES " are fueling illegals into OUR factories before the ink is dried on their signatures/ ALIASES !! Where the FK is the mfn INS ????!!!!! They round em up on Tuesday morning ( in Florida ) and they let them loose on Tuesday afternoon !! Whats the POINT , what are we paying these Federal @$$)(oles for ???!!! Its time PRISONERS start paying for their OWN incarceration !! While our schools and colleges have gone to the sewer , and our public schools 40 + DOWN the list , its time to start taking funds from the law abiders and giving it to education , and let the criminals pay for their own crap , totally , its not Amricas job to pay for criminals  , its the CRIMINALS job to pay for his OWN mess , not take money out of education coffers to pay for these losers .................... thats all for today , folks !!