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A Personalized Blanket Chest Combines Beauty With Function Home Business Articles | February 9 Danilo Jersey UK , 2011
A blanket chest combines beautiful design with spacious storage. Know what to look for when shopping for blanket chests or cedar chests to insure you end up with an heirloom quality chest.

Years ago, every young woman would have a blanket chest or cedar chest of her own. She would begin stocking her "hope chest" with items she was saving for the day she married. These beautiful chests were often hand carved and trimmed with charming details that made it uniquely hers. Although most young women don't plan years ahead for marriage anymore, the popularity of blanket chests is seeing a resurgence.
Practical Storage For Any House Or Apartment
Today's chests are a wonderful gift for any man or woman, particularly if you give a customized chest that's made with attention to detail and a furniture quality finish. You don't have to be a young lady to appreciate a beautiful piece of furniture that's also a great storage chest.?
You can use a blanket chest for the obvious purpose - storing blankets - or you can use it for a variety of other purposes. A good sized chest can hold several Queen size blankets or linens such as sheets and towels until you need them Daniel Grimshaw Jersey UK , freeing up space in your bathroom or linen closet.?
A blanket chest is also a great place to store out of season clothing. Many families have one in each bedroom for storing sweaters, knit hats and gloves, and coats during warmer months. Placed at the foot of the bed, they also provide a great place to sit while getting dressed or changing shoes. For younger children Claudio Bravo Jersey UK , the chest can be used as a toy box now and turned into a blanket or clothing storage chest when they are older.?
A blanket chest in the family room or living room can hold afghans for chilly evenings, magazines or books between readings, or board games. You can keep everything safely stored out of sight until you need something, reducing the clutter and keeping the floor free of obstacles. A well made chest can also provide sturdy extra seating when you have guests.
Shopping For A Blanket Chest
Today you can find storage chests that run the gamut from cheap Brahim Diaz Jersey UK , particle board imposters to elegant, hand crafted cedar chests that rival the finest furniture. To choose one that will last for years and look great in any décor, be sure to look ?for special touches that elevate their beauty and ensure safe, secure storage:
? Look for attractive details such as finished Blank Jersey UK , carved corner pieces. These add beauty but have a practical function as well - they protect the corners and strengthen the chest.? Buy from a company that offers an array of solid wood materials. Popular woods include oak, cherry, and bamboo in various stains and finishes. ?Be sure to ask if it is solid hardwood construction. You don't want a wood veneer or pressed wood.? Many can be ordered with cedar inlays. These cedar chests protect wool clothing from moths and impart a light, pleasant aroma to stored items.? A proper safety hinge is a must to prevent the lid from falling shut when opened. The best spring-loaded hinges will allow you to open your chest to any position without fear of it slamming shut.
If you've never owned a blanket chest Bernardo Silva Jersey UK , you'll be amazed at the many uses it has. In fact, many people discover so many uses for them, they end up getting a second one for themselves or giving them as gifts to their children. The beauty and practicality of a hand crafted blanket chests make them a wonderful heirloom to be passed down to future generations.
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